Art Book Project – Danning Tang

照片 2 照片 3 照片 4 照片 5

Hey Everyone,

This is my project for Art Book. My concept is using a box to represent my dreams. I had a lot of weird dreams and I started to paint them since last year. Thanks to this opportunity, I found a way to present them to others. The box is made of metallic paper so that when you close it, it reflect the reality, but when you open it, you could take a peek at my dream world. I chose the dreams connected to animals, the earliest one was as far as half a year ago, so I didn’t remember exactly the whole story.

It was during last week, I decided to put it further by making a small animation to give it more motion. Please take a look at the youtube video here.

I really appreciate this opportunity, to turn something so personal into a project, from two dimensional to a three-dimensional object and even an animation. Enjoy~



2 thoughts on “Art Book Project – Danning Tang”

  1. Danning, this work is so beautiful. The illustration is exquisite, but then you made them come alive and you added sound like wind and the music behind fits it perfectly. This is so inspirational and you are also a very talented animator. I feel like I need to start drawing my dreams! Thanks.

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