Self Portrait Poster

Well, I know we were supposed to post these posters at the beginning of the semester, but I’d like to point out that it’s already a bit of a challenge to present a (in some cases, poster-size) picture of yourself in front of a classroom where the majority of the people are strangers and then talk about how it’s art. Second of all, it’s even more disconcerting to place said poster online for more Parsons fellows (also strangers mostly) to view and then try to say something meaningful. Moving on: I used a photocopier to blow up the size of my face and it was definitely scary. Once I started pasting things on foam core, the voice in my head was saying, “Who the hell are you to enlarge your face over 400%?” “Are you some famous rock star?” “The nerve.” But we made our likenesses into art. All of us. And maybe that’s the way we broke the ice in our classroom, however awkwardly.

And that goes for blogging, too. We’ve been “reminded” repeatedly to visit this blog and post and comment, but that, too, proves intimidating. Who are the people on this blog? What is the purpose? Why is this important? Process and Skills has a blog?… but why? I agree it’s a great resource, but students should blog because they WANT to communicate and not because they are forced to. Happy Critiques, All!



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