Robert Gober

For the the museum exhibition project I decided to visit the MoMA, and check out the Robert Gober exhibit. One of my classmates, Danning Tang, told me that it was pretty creepy/weird so I thought it would give me inspiration for creativity. Little did I know that I would be leaving with a lot more than inspiration.

Here are a few pictures I took before I went in and got reprimanded by the security guard (I swear I didn’t see the no photos sign b/c of the sleepless stupor I was in).



So, instead of taking pictures I decided to sketch the pieces that stood out to me. Here are my sketches:



The exhibit was about purity, masking the terrible things of life w/ pleasantries, trying to portray life as a fantasy as opposed to focusing on reality. After getting lost in my sketches, and the exhibit for two hours I decided it was time to leave. What I took away from the exhibit were the many reactions I heard from the viewers. So, I decided to use those reactions in my pieces to promote the exhibit. Here are my postcard, poster and invitation for the exhibit:

Reaction Postcard 2ndReaction Postcard 2nd2 ReactionsPosterIMG_6087IMG_6088IMG_6090









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