Process and Skills Poster

My Process & Skills photobooth poster went through a couple different phases. I don’t have pictures of my original poster, but I have some from the second round. The dots are from the background of my photobooth picture:

IMG_9688IMG_9691 IMG_9751My classmates all agreed that the top section and the letters needed work, so I got me to a Staples and did some photocopying. I started making large copies on 11×17″ paper and quickly realized that my machine was totally glitchy! It spat out these crazy, wavy distortions over my images. I loved it, and instead of switching to a functional machine, I went crazy with the glitches. I was inspired by their irregularities and almost camouflage feel and ended up using those distorted prints in my final poster. Here are a couple stages leading up to my final poster:IMG_0017 IMG_0021IMG_0022Here is the final piece:

Final Poster




2 thoughts on “Process and Skills Poster”

  1. Great work! I love that you embraced the ‘happy accident’ of the textures created by the glitchy machine and really made it work for your final piece.

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