Self Portrait Poster

Meghan Lynch Self Portrait Poster

My approach to the Self-Portrait Poster was organic. Typically, I like to plan a design ahead of time and control each detail throughout the process. However, after 10 minutes with the copy machine I realized I would have to abandon  control and embrace my inner-Dada. I limited my variables to very specific pieces of the photo-booth images and letter forms I felt contrasted enough to create an interesting chemistry. I considered each element as a puzzle piece that relates to one another and let chance influence my design decisions.

Process Self-Portrait Poster Design
Type Face Collection
Process Self-Portrait Poster Design
Photo Booth Images & First Round Draft
Process Self-Portrait Poster Design
Final Poster

My final composition was derived after several rounds of drafts where I explored the potential of each element by overlapping them, deconstructing them, and flipping their orientation. Throughout this process I was mostly influenced by the Japanese designer Shigeo Fukuda. He used simple shapes and positive and negative space to create optical illusions that are both striking and sophisticated. He was also an advocate for using humor in design asserting “I believe that in design, 30 percent dignity, 20 percent beauty and 50 percent absurdity are necessary.” Checkout some of my favorites below:

Shigeo Fukuda Victory 1945
Shigeo Fukuda, Victory 1945
Shigeo Fukuda Solo Exhibition
Shigeo Fukuda, Solo Exhibition
Shigeo Fukuda
Shigeo Fukuda, Poster Design
Shiegeo Fukuda F Series
Shiegeo Fukuda, F Series

One thought on “Self Portrait Poster”

  1. Such a powerful solution. I’m pleased to see such wonderful experimentation. Fantastic job, Meghan!

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