Self-Portrait Poster

The self-portrait poster for Process & Skills had a very specific criteria: it could only be made up of our photos taken in a black and white photo booth, found type from our name or initials, and we could only use a photocopier to manipulate our images.

The first thing I did was head to the library to do some research. The Russian Constructivism posters were the ones that I identified with the most because of how geometric and bold they are. These are some of the images that inspired me.

Russian Constructivism Posters

After doing some research, I decided to make the shape of my poster out of my initials, M and N, and create a strong contrast between the photos and the found type by working with a positive vs. negative and chaos vs. order concept. During the process, I did a lot of sketching to help me visualize the ideas I had in my head. It was the most efficient and quickest way to determine whether an idea had potential or not.

Found Type

My poster went through three different phases. The concept remained the same throughout, but the execution needed to be improved in order to make the concept clearer and stronger.

First Version
Second Version


The concept of my poster is the duality between positive vs. negative and chaos vs. order. The poster is divided in two: the photos (positive area) and the type (negative area). The order vs. chaos comes into play in both the photos and the type.

The shapes and lines that make up the poster are my initials, M and N, which create six right triangles. The poster has no up, down, left, or right. It could be seen from any angle and you will always be able to read the initials. The poster contains juxtapositions of chaos and order and how they work together. The photos hold a random pattern, indicating chaos. But the pattern is created using the same strip of photos over and over in the same direction, indicating order. The type is very geometric, angular, and increasing in size in an organized way, indicating order. However, they aren’t all the same type or size, indicating chaos.

Final Version

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One thought on “Self-Portrait Poster”

  1. Great post, Mary! Solid research, sound concept and lots of exploration and sketching along the way to arrive at your final solution.

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