Self-Portrait & Essay

For this assignment we had to design a black & white self-portrait poster with a B&W photo taken in a photo booth. For type we were only suppose to use our initials OR your first name OR last name. The type had to be found and photocopied.  I thought that this assignment was interesting and really made me think outside of the box and I had a lot of fun with it.  I started by taking photos and going to the bookstore to find type.  I found this grunge type that I really liked. unnamed-8unnamed-7 unnamed-6

This was the first week of school and I was feeling overwhelmed and my brain was all over the place  but I was really excited and was having fun.  I wanted to create a fun, exciting energetic poster. I was in love with the type so I wanted to make the poster primarily with the beautiful grunge text.


For the next round and with suggestions of my classmates I decided to change the photo while keeping the energy of the type.  I was hesitant on putting my face even though I took a ton photos because I didn’t feel very comfortable but I realized by using the darken silhouutte it didn’t give the piece the fun energy I had hope to convey.


For the second round I made the poster much more chaotic and free but I was still not quite happy with the photo as it seemed too literal.  So I made some more changes.


The above was the final piece in which I was very happy with.  It feels much more like me.  It’s fun & expressive and I love the energy of the letters breaking away and becoming free. Like me.


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