My Obsession. Books!

NO,not the latest from romantic queen of suspense, Nora Roberts or hot new memoir from the “it” celebrity.

Books on design,typography,photography,printmaking,pottery,illustration,sculpture,architecture…STOP!

I promise to stop walking into every,YES every, bookstore I pass.

I promise to stop reporting on the latest book review about the subjects I love.

WAIT! I saw a review in The New York Times so I want to share ONE MORE book find before I cross my heart to these promises.

The Ladies of Letterpress. This new book features the best work of the members of Ladies of Letterpress, an international organization that champions the work of women printers. And,it is a wonderful printing resourse.

This is what Amazon has to say about this $40 gallery of prints: “Valuable as a handy resource, it includes a wide range of pieces, from greeting cards to broadsides and posters, printed in a variety of type and illustration styles. Each piece is accompanied by details of paper, inks, and press used in its printing, and a profile of its printer. Whether you’re drawn to elegant greeting cards, humorous note cards, or calendars and posters, you’re sure to find inspiration in this volume. And when you do, there are eighty detachable pages just begging to be pinned up.”

For more info on this book and letterpress here are a few links from The New York Times and others:

Book Info:
The Ladies of Letterpress
A Gallery of Prints with 80 Removable Posters
Jessica White, Kseniya Thomas
ISBN 9781616892739
Publication date 04/21/2015
11 x 14 inches (27.9 x 35.6 cm), Paperback
192 pages, 350 color illustrations
Missive’s “Flamingo” by LisaWillis
Concrete Lace’s
Concrete Lace’s “Eating Seasonally” print by Katie Daniels
Joey Hannaford’s
Joey Hannaford’s “Converge II” by Joey Hannaford

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