Clocked In: Project #1 – Self Poster

For our first project, we were instructed to design a black & white self-poster out of nothing more than a black and white photograph (taken in a photo booth), some found typography, and a photocopier.Photobooth_DW

The Beginning

After roaming from bar to bar looking for an “old fashioned” photo booth—and
consuming one too many beers—I finally discovered one at the Bushwick Country Club. Since my inspiration was the song “Clocked In” by Black Flag and a wanted poster, I knew exactly how to position myself before entering the booth.

FaIMG_20150914_0001st forward a few days—as I was walking by Strand on my way home from work, a book titled ‘The Women of The Wild West” caught my eye. I knew that this would be a great choice for my type since it fit the theme of my poster perfectly. All it needed was some scissors and a lighter (see my final poster below).

The Poster

I envisioned the type to be front and center like a traditional wanted poster you’d see in the wild west, combined with the feel of one of my favorite poster styles of all time–70/80’s punk. To add in some sense of eeriness, I decided to include two images and flip one over so the viewer feels like someone is staring at them. And not in a cute spiderman way.

After a few rounds of critiquing and a lot of great feedback from Carmile and my classmates, my poster turned out exactly how I wanted it to.

First Round DraftSecond Round DraftFinal Version


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