My Process & Skills (1) Self Poster

As many freshmen already mentioned on this blog, I also tried to introduce myself with the first project — a self-portrait poster.

Conditions are equal at each class, methods are also similar, but ways of thinking are totally different between each students. First of all, I don’t like my initials so much. “I.O.U.”, it sound like “I owe you”, and also it has so geometric shape that frequently be mistaken for “1.0.∪” or else. But these three letters are all I could use for the poster.

Furthermore, I don’t like my face, too. I’m not good at posing in the Photo booth, my smile looks like a fake. Umm, I really want to cut it off. So I did it.

sketches by Iku Okada

Center of the photo is my early sketch. Both of my figure and initials are so small. I look like a humble type person, feeling negative about this assignment. Right side one is my improved sketch, inspired by ‘Statue of Priest Houshi’ at Saiou-ji temple in Kyoto Japan. If I don’t like my face, I could peel it off. I will shed the old skin and let reborn myself. I even could cut my initials off.

Statue of Priest Houshi

Left side one is my another sketch, inspired by a beautiful poster of Yale Symphony Orchestra, designed by Jessica Svendsen. If I don’t like my initials, let them multiplied until nobody can be read them as “I.O.U.”!

Poster by Jessica Svendsen

After a class-crit, I made the final version of poster, below.


Hands, scissors and glue-sticks gave me an opportunity to see myself from the third person’s view. I still don’t like my face and initials so much, but I love what I’ve done with unwelcome materials. It was very good first practice for me to understand the name of the class, “Process and Skills”. And, there are by-products of my piece, in process.

IMG_6844 IMG_6845


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