In Search for Isamu Noguchi at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Isanu Noguchi at The Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Isanu Noguchi at The Brooklyn Botanical Garden

As we start to do research on Isamu Noguchi for the “Bottle Concept” we are lucky to have a show of his sculptures that are taken out of the exhibition rooms of the Noguchi Museum. And, now are out in the open at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Walk your way through this natural environment. Perfect for Noguchi and a Sunday afternoon stroll.

From The New York Times | Oct.22,2015: “Isamu Noguchi(through Dec. 13) The Noguchi Museum and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden are to be commended for installing such a show, in which sculpture is exposed to the elements (and the wandering visitors). But this exhibition of 18 of the Japanese-American artist’s sculptures parceled throughout the garden can be frustrating, as you attempt to locate his works on a specially provided map. The showcase of the exhibition is an installation of several Noguchi sculptures inside the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden, a marriage of modern and traditional forms, and there are works just below the Native Flora Garden that offer moments of successful communion with art and curated nature. 990 Washington Avenue, at Eastern Parkway, Prospect Heights, 718-623-7200, (Martha Schwendener)”


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