My Process & Skills (2) Photo Essay

Our second assignment for Process & Skills was an Photo Essay. “To take effective pictures you need to train your eye to see the world as the camera does” — the instructor mentioned. So I went outside along with single-lens reflex camera borrowed from our equipment center.

I love to take pictures. Especially, I love to take pictures of people, who don’t know being taken photos. Here are my old essay photos, taken in my home country Japan.

IMG_0003 のコピーIMG_0093 のコピーIMG_0081 のコピー

060521-59 のコピーIMG_3350

But I’ve been anxious about that my behavior might be refered to as “spy photo” or “peeping”. Someone might feel like that I’m very impolite, or that it’s an invasion of privacy. For example, these were my photos of travel taken in Italy 10 years ago. I couldn’t post them on my blog at that time, because these were too easy to identify them. But actually I was fascinated at releasing the shutter to them.

italy104 のコピーitaly101 のコピー

italy111 のコピーitaly125 のコピー

At this Photo Essay assignment, I had the same conflicted feelings. May I take your photo, without telling you? It’s just a homework of training, but also it could be my “works”. I didn’t mean to harm you or your privacy. However, I’d like to take your photo without striking a pose, or fake smiling… I’m believing that God is in the ‘accidental’ detail of you…




I’m still feeling guilty in it, but I shot a lot of people in secret. This problem will be inconclusive issue. I’m still thinking helter-skelter, and still taking photos back-and-forth at the New York City.

By the way, sometimes people noticed me and strike a funny pose like this. Then I felt released a little bit. If you saw the portraits of yourselves in this article, please let me know. If you felt my eyes were disgusting, I would promise you to delete the images immediately and completely. If not, I would print them for you.




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