A few weeks ago we started working on a new project. We had to create the design of a book and think of a theme to research on.
Many of us came up with beautiful and creative ideas.
Here are some photos took in class of the different projects.

Juri’s very stylish and playful book – 5 sheets of paper with different styles and patterns to exchange the mannequin’s dress.
Juri’s book – “Le petit closet”
Sarah’s book – it has been extremely interesting to see her work in progress throughout the weeks. Her determination has over come all the struggles. This is the incredible result!
Sarah’s book on the designer Iris Apfel

Kokoro’s book – what do we usually keep on our desk for working?

Kokoro’s book – surprise!
My “keys” book – a complete black and white, one sheet of paper book on piano elements. I play the piano since I was 7 and wanted to extern my passion for music.
Claire’s book – tips and tricks to take your best selfie’s ever!

Claire’s Selfie book – an inspiration to Kim Kardashian. Don’t they look alike?

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