Selfie Poster


I started my selfie poster by going to a local bar I know that has one of the selfie booths and I took a series of photos that I thought would allow my personality to come through a little bit.  I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with my selfie poster so I started by cutting out the individual boxes of the selfies I had taken and then I proceeded to try and cut out some of the faces into silhouettes.  I found myself playing around and creating this sort of pyramid shape and I thought that for the letters A and G, that I would have them sort of trickling down the side of the pyramid.  The first submission of my selfie poster is listed below:


I got some great initial comments on the poster and I did like how it had started to look but then I realized that yes I had the wrong orientation for that poster.  I then did some research into Russian Contructivism and tried to use some of that to influence the second submission of my selfie poster.  I have included some of those sketches below as well as the second submission.  As you can see, I created three different triangles instead of one and also like the left over black space from cutting out the silhouettes and I decided to incorporate that as well.


I liked this version a lot more than the first version of the selfie poster that I had submitted.  We did discuss though that I needed to go ahead and to something more with the top.  There needed to be a bigger difference in sizes and perhaps contrast as well.  So I went back to photocopying and trying out different sizes for the silhouettes in particular.  I really liked the bottom half, it was just the top that I was trying to fix.  I have included some other sketches and research as well as the last submitted selfie poster.

IMG_0575IMG_0492IIMG_0579IMG_0585IMG_0574I really liked the final version of the poster.  When looking back at the first edition, it really did take a different turn and made great progress.  I like how the top triangle looks like it is pushing down into the bottom of the poster.  I like the contrast between the three different sections and how different they all are.  I had a lot of fun with the poster and I hope that shows!


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