Photo Collage: David Hockney-esque

For our latest project in Process and Skills, we were asked to study David Hockney’s “joiners” or his cubist photography. I really appreciated reading about his views on photography and how his new technique came to be. In an interview he says the following about photography- “So, the moment you’ve looked at [the photograph] for even four seconds, you’re looking at it far more than the camera did. It dawned on me this was visible, actually, it is visible, and the more you become aware of it, the more this is a terrible weakness; drawings and paintings do not have this.” From this, he decided to break down this weakness and try to use photography to show space and time by layering multiple images as though he was approaching it as a drawing or painting.


Above is my first attempt with his technique! I decided to use a manageable object, so that I wouldn’t get overwhelmed and I could really focus on understanding his process. After taking a million pictures of this fire hydrant and probably worrying a number of people around me, I knew I wanted to show it from the perspective of standing above. With a few tweaks in class especially on the background, I think it is starting to give off that impression!


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