My Neighbor’s a Rat: Project #2 – Photo Collage

To be quite honest, the words “our art book is going to be replaced with…” coming out of Carmile’s mouth brought tears to my eyes (internally), until hearing the rest of the sentence and the assignment. Photo collages are something I’ve always been interested in and drawn to, but I’ve never taken the time to complete one, so I was pretty psyched about this project from the start.

The backside of my building (which I guess is a “city park” of some sort) is an interesting place. It’s filled with bags and bags of bottles, a few shopping carts, too many rats, a highway, and a makeshift basketball hoop straight out of Home Depot. Every time I decide to climb through the fence—which is the doorway—I find myself taking way too many photos, so I knew this was a perfect subject for my collage.

“Always live in the ugliest house on the street – then you don’t have to look at it.” – David Hockney




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