Prints Gone Wild!

If you didn’t make it to the Prints Gone Wild poster show this past weekend (put on by Cannonball Press, featuring Parsons’ photolitho prof Martin Mazorra), then you missed out! This free event in Brooklyn married exceptional art work with a night out on the town. With many a tattoo and beard in tow, the night provided awesome, affordable prints accompanied with a fully stocked bar. It was enlightening and educational to get a taste of so many different styles of poster design. I found that most of the artists used the process of relief printing, but that didn’t take away from the uniqueness and individuality of the artists’ work. There was even some on site relief printing on t-shirts, because…why not!? It was a really cool and fun way to learn something that is so relevant to what we’re all learning right now.


On another note…as far as I know we’re all at some stage of working on our books. Here is a site I stumbled upon while looking for book binding techniques. There are quite a few here, so google the one you like!


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