Felix Pfäffli

As I mentioned in my previous post, due to my trip to the Poster Show at the Cooper Hewitt last Spring (along with my work on posters for class), I have a newfound appreciation for poster design. Certain designers in the show stood out to me in particular. One of the contemporary designers that I have come to like is Felix Pfäffli (who I was surprised to learn is only three years older than me!)

“Feixen is the graphic design work of Felix Pfäffli. Felix was born in 1986. In 2010 he graduated and started his own studio «Feixen». In the summer of 2011 he was appointed as teacher at the Lucerne School of Graphic Design to teach in the fields of typography, narrative design, and poster design. Since 2013 he is a member of the AGI (Alliance Graphique International).”

Here is some of his work:

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