Photo Essay

My first attempt at a photo essay failed.

My idea was to go to the Picasso show at the MoMa and photograph visitors viewing the sculptures (mostly from behind so that the focus was more on the relationship between the shape of the body and the art and less about details like people’s facials expressions etc.)


5 97

I spent a couple of hours in the galleries attempting to be covert while photographing strangers from behind (not always successfully -which made for some awkward moments…)

By the end of the day, I felt satisfied with my images and excited to share what I had with my teacher. However, when I went to print the images, I saw that the lighting was horribly yellow and muted (we were not allowed to digitally edit the photos at all.) My teacher quickly commented on his dislike for the images in our class crit and, while reluctant to start from square one, I knew I could do better.

The following Monday, I spent the day walking around photographing little hints of nature in my neighborhood in Brooklyn. I was lucky to have beautiful lighting and  was so relieved to not have to worry about that factor after my difficulties at MoMa.

I wanted to highlight the contrast between nature and the city. I love how they can each sort of encroach on the other and how certain glimpses of nature in the city can feel like precious moments in time as they appear to be so beautifully ephemeral. I wanted to call attention to details that can be so easily looked over when walking down the street.


I am much more confident and happy about the way my photo board turned out and am currently working on my book using these images.


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