Typographically Challenged

In a recent Graphic Design 1 class we explored some of the works of Fred Woodward.

I have very little experience with typographic design- it was never really something I ever considered throughout my undergrad as a visual art student. I studied images, not text and language. I think the ability to use the two (text and image) in a collaborative and complimentary way is what differentiates the designer from the visual artist. Although the two can often go hand-in-hand and there are obvious overlaps, the designer is the one with typographic experience. That theory is highlighted well in this article from Eye Magazine.. http://eyemagazine.com/feature/article/read-me-literacy-in-graphic-design.

Back to Fred Woodward.. if anyone is looking for a little typographic inspiration I was really inspired by some of his work. So give him a quick google search or check out his work on Graphis at this link..


I’ve attached an image of one of his designs that I really enjoyed! Reminding me of the ways you can push text and lettering to blend with the image.



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