Book Project

Hi all, just want to share my book-making process. My class (Mark’s morning class) was free to make any kind of book, but there is a no glue policy, meaning we couldn’t use any kind of adhesives (or staplers)!

I wanted to make a book about the songs and poems of Indonesia (where I’m from), partly because I myself has just started discovering them! So this is my very first mockup:

pic 1.jpg

In the end I made several mockups:

pic 2.jpg

To figure out the page layout, folding methods etc. And this is what my final book looks like!

The  book has an outer cover, a collection of portraits of the artists and poets mentioned in the book, and the book itself, which contains the lyrics and poems. Each song and poem has an english translation. There is also a map of Indonesia inside the book. The book and the portraits were stitched to the outer cover, and they are all held together by a leather strand and a gold iPod (which would contain the songs mentioned in the book). The portraits were printed on vellum/tracing paper.



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3 thoughts on “Book Project”

  1. Hey Jessica,
    I love the choice of fabrics and paper used! Does the iPod have the songs loaded on it?
    Where did you get the leather cord that wraps around the outside of the book? I’m looking for something similar to stitch my process pages together.

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