Cold Spring Gallery Visit

The other weekend I travelled out of the city in search of a little nature. I went to the town Cold Spring where there are many really great hiking trails (if anyone is interested). The town itself is really cute; filled with small boutique shops and one particularly interesting art gallery. The current exhibit is Cross Pollination by Julie Anne Mann.

Julie graduated from SVA’s Fine art program. Her work is heavily influenced by nature and forests..

IMG_0049IMG_0050IMG_0054“Typically each piece or series is made with a particular idea in mind, but they share many commonalities. The majority of my work is composed from natural materials using their inherent qualities to exemplify or allude to parallels found in human nature, such as life/death, hope/despair, personality quirks, family dynamics etc. Often the work will weave in botanical lore and allegories and sometimes address the relentless push/pull between man and nature with environmental peril, the stresses on our planet and species decline. While some of these works are permanent, others are temporary installations due to the ephemeral quality of the medium I which they were created.”

If any of you happen to go to Cold Spring in the next few weeks be sure to check out this exhibit. The pieces are really beautiful and all made out of found objects in nature.



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