Pallet Magazine: What a Beauty

Are you a fan of both drinking and beautiful print magazines filled with everything from Breaking Bad-inspired label artwork to the history of Zamrock? Of course you are, so I hiiiiighly recommend picking up issue one of Pallet Magazine—a brand spankin’ new print quarterly magazine that is a collaborative effort between Dogfish Head Founder, Sam Calagione, and the founding editors of Smith Journal, an Australian men’s quarterly. I’m not one of their sales people, I promise. Much like Calagione, I’ve never read a book or magazine on a tablet or mobile device, so I also appreciate the little things like deluxe uncoated stock.

If anyone is still working on their photo essay and needs some inspiration, you should head down to any of these places in NYC to pick up a copy. Eataly has a bunch of them on a rack by the front door if you’re in the Flatiron area. There’s a great photo essay on America’s big rig trucking culture that you should check out. Enjoy!


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