Exploring Type

For our final project in typography we have to create a type specimen book. Turns out, its quite the challenge.

  1. finding a typeface that you like enough to explore.
    Finding a typeface is a lengthy process. There are thousands of interesting typefaces out there, and it can take hours to find one that you love, and want to invest time in.
  2. Acquiring the typeface.
    You found a typeface you love, but you don’t already have it, and you don’t want to buy it. There isn’t a free version available. Return to step 1 – ugh.
  3. Displaying the typeface in an interesting way.
    I found this part the hardest, and I went through three typefaces before I finally got into a designing groove. Figuring out different ways to show the special nuances of the letterforms, and displaying the typeface in a compelling, creative way is really hard. Luckily, the typeface I finally chose (HWT arts by Erik Spiekermann) and myself got along famously, and the ideas started flowing.

Typography is such a huge part of graphic design, and I understand the importance of learning the classic typefaces and the history behind type design. However, its nice to have the opportunity to break the boundaries a little, and see how type can be used as anything but type.


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