Bottle Project

My concept for my bottle project right from the get go was “draw/erase.” It was the first thing I wrote down in my sketchbook after we discussed the project and still my favorite idea after fleshing out more sketches….then, in class the next week when talking about some of my ideas and the desire to do a stop motion project, I latched onto a new idea about pouring water from a drawn/animated bottle and the water illustrating the second bottle…it was complicated.

I actually ended up doing this project, did a whole photo shoot and stop action movie, showed it in class and it was…okay. I just didn’t have the technical motion/Premiere Pro skill set needed to animate water. (Three stop action projects later, I could totally do this now but ce la vie).


So I went back to the drawing board…literally–returning to my original idea of draw/erase.

I set up shop in the 10th Floor AMT lab and filmed myself scribbling all over a fiji bottle with a sharpie. Then I used photoshop import video to layers/frames to get stills from the video. I planned it out so that every inch or so of the bottle that got drawn on I would have to stop, put the sharpie down on the artboard in more or less the same place, pick up the eraser and pretend to erase the sharpie. I then edited out the picking up and putting down so that the viewer sees continuous motion. I also had to move all the “erase” moments out of sequence, reverse them, and put them at the end.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 4.50.30 AM

I actually loved the freedom this project gave to explore other mediums. I have always enjoyed film editing and my knowledge of Photoshop timeline and Premiere has grown immensely after all the tinkering involved.

I am pleased I retuned to my original concept–and I know why I was hesitant to pursue it. I just could not get my head around how to work in the ‘erasing’ into a video involving sharpie until I really sat down, spent some time and learned what I could do with Premiere and Photoshop.

You can view the movie here.



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