Project #3 – Photo Essay

Since I grew up with a father who was a firefighter in Ohio for 25 years, I’ve visited a firehouse or twelve in my day. There they are—their own separate entities—normally free from sharing walls with any other business or buildings. Sometimes in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in an urban area, but still standing free. I figured this is just how it was until I moved to New York City in May of 2010 and basically lived above a ladder company.

To showcase these firehouses to those who live outside of New York City, I chose to have this be the topic of my photo essay. My main goal was to give my book the feel of some sort of walking tour, where the leader goes from firehouse to firehouse across both Brooklyn and Manhattan. I even stopped along to way to take photos of the more overlooked markings of the NYFD—cones, fire hydrants, trucks parked on the street, etc.

First Half of Book
Second Half of Book

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