Book Process

*I could not upload any image because this blog’s storage is already full, so I am sorry for making you read through long sentences… Maybe hard to imagine my book looks like…*

Hi, everyone.
I’d like to share my process of the book project in P&S class.
My theme is “Singin’ in the Rain “, which is one of my most favorite movies.
1: Research and Experiment
Since we could not use any glue in this project, (and that was the most tough part of this project) I decided to use a folding style for my book. That was the starting point.

Through the research and experiment of some kinds of the ways of folding paper, I chose the twist style, which is square paper and folded like sort of pinwheel.

I wanted to use an umbrella motif, so this shape, which the way of opening up reminds me of opening an umbrella, is the most appropriate for my theme.
2: Figure Out the Contents
The one side is about the story of Singin’ in the Rain, the other side is about the main three casts of the movie.
3: Make Mock-ups
First, I drew the blueprint of both sides.
Then, putting tracing papers on them, figured out the layout and made mock-ups.
 I struggled to concern the design connection between hiding area and visible area when the book was folded and opened.
Since this movie is full of humor, great dance and music, I wanted to add some “fun” or “surprise” aspects. So I tried to be playful for the layout.
<Cast Side>
Taking Mark’s advice, I add white circles as spotlights for the casts.  I wanted this side to be look like a mini poster, so not only small pictures, I also put bigger portraits of the casts to have balance. Add to that, tried to make text boxes have shape.
<Storytelling side>

I put a big umbrella, which becomes a smaller one when the sheet is folded. Also, divided the story into 8 parts and set text, pictures along with the shape so that you can follow the story clockwise.

*Color…Blue and Yellow (Those two colors are sort of theme colors of the movie)
*Print…UC 4th floor, ProColor (My budget was so limited that I made good use school printers.  ProColor worked really good in my case, though I should have searched paper more.)
4: Edit and Edit and Edit and Final
Each week, I modified a little by little.  And taking Mark and classmates advice, I decided to add a envelope for the book in the end.  Keeping same concept (fun, surprise) and color theme, I made blue envelope with white dots, which represents raindrops. Also, gave it die cut to see one word behind.
When I first heard about this project, I got so lost because I did not know where to start.  But once I decided the theme, Singing in the Rain, the ideas came out smoothly.  Though my book style is a little bit far from ordinary books’ form, I am happy with having pushed this style.

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