Book Project

Hi everyone. I’d like to share the process of my book project in P&S class.

For my book project I chose Aubrey Beardsley’s artwork, Salome, for the content. Making a book was recreating an atmosphere in the book. So the first thing I considered was how I could illustrate the mood and atmosphere of Beardsley’s artwork, and create in the reader an emotion or mood. This project had a no-adhesives rule, so the ways of binding the book were also a consideration.

I started to sketch several shapes of the book to figure out which shape would work, and decided to use the one that had a sense of peering into a model of a stage.

The format of my piece meant to resemble a carousel. It has two layers, one for the artwork and other for the frame. For the frame, I decided to use a type of drop curtain- like in a theater. I drew a pattern inspired by one of Beardsley’s illustrations.

The most difficult thing for me was choosing the typeface. I repeatedly asked myself, which typeface will fit to the time and the theme?. After much trial and error, I decided to use Caslon,because its legibility and delicate line and beautiful curve will match to the theme.

I used sewing machine to put each layer together, and it enabled me to show fine stitches as a pattern. Finally for biding, because my book need to open 360 degrees to look like a carousel, I chose Coptic bound.

Throughout this project, I really focused on “recreating an atmosphere”. I had hard time making decision for this book, but at the end I am really happy with my final result.


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