Twin Box Project

Hello Everyone. I’m Chiharu.

I’m going to talk about my twin box project.
My themes are “chaos” and “organized.”
For organized box, I used Japanese-origami technique. This box is made of 64 paper cubes of 1 inch. Each 1 inch cube is made of 6 pieces of paper. Therefore, I had to prepare 384 pieces of paper to fold!

After I got 64 cubes, I glued boxes to make walls which are connected to 1 sheet of boxes.
I want the box look more organized, I chose color gradation from white to black.

For another box, which is chaos box, I used clay in the beginning. I cut neon color blocks of clays into small pieces.

I brought this box in the class. During the critique, I’ve got an advice to make consistency of both boxes, especially about material.
Therefore, I  changed material for chaos box.
I  used paper again which are neon colors to make 0.5 inches cubes.
I placed several development views on each paper, cut out and glued.

Finally, I put pictures into this blog! The storage was full so I wasn’t allowed to upload pictures. I uploaded those pictures in Tumblr and used the address for each picture. It was easy!

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