My twin box project

Hi everyone, I’m Kokoro.

I would like to show some photos and details about the process behind my Process & Skills’ box project.

The size of my boxes is 4″×4″×4″. The concept is “Japanese and Western Windows at night”.

The inspiration of these boxes is a lantern. Therefore, I tried to combine with sheer and thick materials so that these boxes look like “real” windows.

For the base of these boxes, I used a black illustration board.

As you might know, this board was so hard to cut out, that my hands got pain, but I done it finally.

I picked black paper and put it on these boxes in order to express “night”.

This is a Japanese window box. I depicted it as a Shouji, a Japanese traditional window. Actually, the material of Shouji is Japanese paper, so I chose same one, then pasted it into the inside of the flame.


This is a western window box. In my thought, western windows have glasses and curtain panels, so I used transparent sheet and lace ribbon in order to express those items.


Also, I put the lights inside of these boxes.

I am really happy with this project. Through this semester, this class was tough and challenging to me, but I learned a lot of things eventually.




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