Parrish Art Museum Project

For the last assignment in Process & Skills we were to go to a museum of our choice and create a banner, postcard, brochure, and poster of an exhibit of our choice. We actually have a surprising amount of great galleries out on Long Island and I contemplated going to one of those as the artwork is always great, however I chose the Parrish Art Museum in the end.

The Parrish Art Museum moved locations, I believe, a couple of years ago and I wanted to check out the new space.  I had grown up with the old space and actually had art on display there before, but I never got a chance to make it to the new location.  A friend of mine that I work for had discussed going there and I jumped on the chance to join and made it over.  The new building was definitely worth the trip, it was a little colder, but definitely impressive.  They had a couple of different exhibits up, including one with Jane Freilicher and Jane Wilson, and my other favorite which was artists taking pictures of artists, but I was drawn to the Permanent Collection.  They had an exhibit up called Connections and Context.  In particular, I really enjoyed their colors and structure and thought that this would be my particular exhibit.

I took a couple of pictures of the brochures that they currently have as well as some pictures of the exhibit that I had just looked at.  You can see that all right here.  The pictures that I was drawn to were more modern and simple and I thought that the images reflected well with the very simple design of the brochures that I had picked up from the place so I used that as a starting point while creating brochures and posters for the exhibit.  The first copy of that can be found right here.

After the first critique on the brochures, etc. I found that I was too tight with all my text on everything.  It was really hard to back away from filling the page and allowing so much white space.  It was also hard to put in a lot of information while also trying to make it really visually appealing as I would assume a museum would do.  The balance I found to be a little difficult but I went ahead and did my best to correct it with the final collection which can be seen right here.  I think that I could have still worked on it and gotten more white space involved, but I am glad that I pushed myself to improve the first draft!


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