Passport Photo Essay

The Photo Essay was a lot of fun to make.  I had started out by continuing what I had put together for the photo collage, and using some of the same pictures.  For my photo collage, I had taken a lot of pictures of New Orleans as that was where I was going to go for looking at wedding venues the week prior.  I had taken those photos and thought of maybe making a passport booklet with them as I was traveling from New York to NOLA for this big event and the photos were going to be really fun and vibrant.  The collection of photos were fun but I was also hoping to take more and obviously I had left the state with only so many already taken.  I focused on practicing how to make books first.  The result of which can be found here.

The following week I was heading into NYC to look at dresses, I currently live on Long Island.  While shopping for them was going to take up a lot of time, I decided that maybe the second half of my passport could contain a lot of pictures from New York.  I could have some from my hometown, some from the city, and some from New Orleans which would fill up my book nicely and would work with the idea of a traveling passport.  I took a lot of those pictures out and printed them and put them on boards next to each other so that I could decide which ones I really want to work with. The result of that can be found here.

The next steps were putting all the pages together in a way that made sense with quotes to back them up.  I spent a lot of time researching good quotes on both locations, and thought I came up with a decent amount of quotes that outlined why I loved both places.  While also looking at many of the photos that I could choose from, I took my teacher’s suggest and decided that this would be a flip book that once you got to the center, you could flip around.  The New Orleans section would go one way and you would flip the  passport over for New York to go another way.  I really liked the idea, so when creating the basic first outline, I went for different typography, and other factors to help differentiate the locations.  The first draft of that can be found here.

The second draft of the passport can be found right here.  I did my best to try and plot out my first attack of how the pages would need to be printed in order for it to make sense with the flipping of the book.  A task that I would later find out was somehow still off and the only way to fix it was to print out a couple of first copies to see how and where the images went.  I also picked up what looked like nice blue paper for the cover and inside that reminded me of a passport’s colors.  I decided to work with the initial stitching we were taught as that is how I found out that passports are put together.  All of those I put in the next round of the draft to see how it was going.

The last and final piece of putting this passport together can be found here in a little video that I created. I also posted it again here with a slightly higher resolution. I worked on the typography a bit adding more spacing, and making sure the ascenders and descenders worked and weren’t touching, as well as giving the authors of the quotes an identical size and type.  The cover was also posted with stamps from both locations to give it a nice passport feel to it.  I really liked the result.  It was actually something that I found to be really nice to have personally as they were big trips that were put together.  The images came out really nice and clear, and even though some paper was used to figure out the coordination of the two different locations, in the end it was really fun.  It made me want to go out and make a couple more of them!


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