Self Portrait Poster

The first assignment in our Process and Skills class was to design an 18×24″, black and white self-portrait poster. We were required to include self-portrait photo booth photos and found type of our initials only. In addition, we could only use a photocopier to reproduce and/or resize these elements.

My elements included:
—Self-portrait photo booth photos from Urban Outfitters
—Subway tile type from the G train’s Greenpoint stop
—Type from a random record cover outside a thrift store
—Type from two java promotional postcards
—Type from a promotional tote bag
—Type from a conference brochure
 photo Elements1.jpg

 photo Elements2.jpg

I researched the Stenberg brothers’ Russian Constructivist film posters and I was really inspired by their repetition of images and fragmented forms (that became a metaphor for movement). I also loved the way that they juxtaposed architecture with the human figure.
 photo Research_inspiration.jpg

My initial sketches and mini drafts:
 photo Sketches1.jpg
 photo Sketches3.jpg
 photo Sketches2.jpg

My first draft:
 photo draft1.jpg

My second draft:
 photo draft2.jpg

My final poster:
 photo final.jpg


One thought on “Self Portrait Poster”

  1. Fantastic post, Rebecca. Thanks for taking us through. Lots of great experimentation and research here. I know one of the most challenging parts was deciding what to pare away gradually, especially when you started out with such a wealth of visual choices. I think you solved the problem successfully. Keep it up!

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