Dansaekwha & Minimalism (Exhibit Promo)

Oy the process…

For the exhibit promo package I elected to go for smaller, lesser known show opening at Blum & Poe NY the New York arm of their Los Angeles flagship.
The show titled, Dansaekwha and Minimalism opened April 14th and closes June.
In particular, this show aims to highlight the similarities between the Korean Dansaekwha art movement and the American minimalist movement. According to the gallery this is the first time both genres of work were represented with the same space in dialogue.
For me, this was certainly the most interesting and engaging project yet. It was nice to pretend I had a “client” OOOH my first freelance gig!
For my package I decided to focus on keeping things simple, true to minimalism in limited colors and to focus on the works. The show had some of the greatest heavy hitters – Sol Lewitt, Carl Andre, Agnes Martin, Richard Serra etc. etc.
I though it would be interesting to create physical collateral that echoed some of the pieces and techniques featured in the show. For the invite I did a 5×5′ foldable that when opened resembled a Sol Lewitt sculpture on display. The grid pattern I elected to include as it was both visually engaging, cued minimalist fundamentals and is prominently used (though not always visible) throughout the show. For the art catalogue I created a custom 4 paneled fold out that was influenced by much of the vertical line work evident in the show through artists like Ha Chyonghyun and Agnes Martin. For the poster I elected to create a series of flat representations of the works of Carl Andre, Sol Lewitt, Ha Chonghyun, and Chung Sang-Hwa.
Through the entire process the biggest setback was production. It was a welcomed exercise in developing the skills to design a custom fold out. I slowly started to anticipate where to add paper allowances and what markings should be included int he file to clearly communicate trim lines, score marks, etc. These lessons were learned by hand and making mistakes, which wile frustrating were beneficial in developing clean product. This particular assignment was instrumental in driving home the benefit of hand craft to me.
You can view some images of my process and iterations as well as snaps of the finals using the Flickr link at the bottom of this post. Excuse the username its carryover from highschool :). Also you will find some images of artwork by Michael Riedel.
For my artist show and tell I selected Michael Riedel. He is currently based in Frankfurt, Germany and has been working since the early nineties. He is most widely known for his highly conceptual works that reiterate the same information / texts / audio loops / images/ videos over and over composed and exhibited in seemingly endless ways.  His process questions redundancy and how we consume information, more importantly how information can be manipulated over and over just through re-imagination of composition etc.  Interestingly another important aspect of his process is the elaborate books, promotions, brochures Riedel designs himself to accompany his fine art exhibitions – a prime example of graphic design as fine art. What I enjoy most about his pieces is the use of bold graphic forms against more subtle shapes created by collaged text. In particular I am always a sucker anything that has a “digital” feel and cleverly uses limited color.
Check out some images of his work here and my exhibit process shots!

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