Box project

For our box project, we were assigned to make boxes that represent two similar or opposing ideas. Out of many brainstorm ideas, I chose “natural” and “artificial.”

I wanted represent these ideas through first: the material, and second: the form. After some initial research, I decided that I wanted to express nature and city. I was inspired by the different layered cards that pop up and wanted to apply that concept to my boxes.  So, I researched some more with the word “shadow boxes” and found some work that are similar to what I wanted to achieve.

With my first draft, I used black cardboard and thick weight paper for both the natural and artificial. I brought it to class and got the feedback that I should use maybe plastic for the city box and wood for the nature box.

I bought plexi glass and wood to make the second draft. One of the challenges I had with this round was that I found out it is hard to get the dimensions correct because my boxes used materials that needed precision when building the box. I also had white foggy things on my city plexi glass box, which I thought was from using the sand paper. At this stage, I also bought a light to put in the city box, but from class feedback I decided to take out the light aspect.

For my third draft, though my boxes dimensions improved with precision (nature box was 95% complete), I still had the white foggy things on my city box. I realised from class that it is the fast glue that makes the white fogs.

For my fourth draft, I had it perfect! I used a different liquid glue that I got from Canal plastics, which was hard to use because the glue was in a can and I had to use a can opener which I never used, so I broke the can opener while trying to open the can. The glue came in a can and I needed to use another container that had a needle that can spew out glue with more precision.

Overall, throughout the the entire process, I learned that with every draft and step, I learned something new and ran into challenges. It was a lot of problem solving with the production itself. At the end however, I was very pleased with my final draft. I ended up making another box with the scrap plexi glasses, which had negative spaces. (left box in the two plastic picture)

please refer to the recent post I made.

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Hiroko’s projects!

Hi, this is Hiroko. I made some pdf file to introduce my project’s process. Please open the file and each of the article are brief so that I put everything in one. Please understand it.

1,Museum Research Projects

We had to research famous Manhattan museum’s exhibition and make more than three advertising media such as posters, brochures, postcards and so on with research.

2, 2 cubes project

We had to decide two inverse themes and make 6 by 6 by 6 two cubes by following the concepts.


3, Photo essay

We had to go somewhere around our city and take pictures to tell our story. To tell our story, we required to arrange 13 photos on a gray board to let the viewer understand the theme. I went to Bedford Avenue, in Blooklyn and did two things. First, I strolled around the city and found some interesting sceneries. Second, I found a big riverside park and enjoyed twilight and birds. To tell the two flow of my trip, I first arranged all the photos by equal interval. Though, it was difficult to follow the story for other students and my professor. Then, I put the first picture at the top and made two symmetry lines(flows).

4, Book Binding Project

We had to make a book without glue or stickers that has more than 16 pages.


5,Self Poster Project

This project required us to make a big poster with our own photograph and initial fonts that we took on the street without editing by Photoshop or other softwares.


I experienced a lot and it was such a great opportunity for me to study physical design process. I had been not good at design by real paper or glue for more than 20 years and I also had a fear for “process” and “skills” but thanks to my teacher and other gifted students, I think I could compete my own imprinting for the process and skills. Now, I love it a lot ! I want to challenge more. Thanks, Hiroko