A Tantalizing, Mysterious Art Book (Or Is It Book Art?)

Yes, here I am again blogging about a new book.

I saw this The New York Times on line review. The timing is perfect for all our exploration into book designing from photo essays to art books.

“The artist’s book, a medium that originated in France at the turn of the last century, gets a digitally inspired reboot with “RadioPaper,” a project launching today at Studio Leigh in Hoxton, East London.Taking its title from the electronic paper that replicates the physical page in Kindles and other e-readers, the exhibition provides a showcase for the debut book work by the British artist Mary Ramsden, which will also be available to buy in an edition of 30. Framed in fluorescent-edged Perspex boxes, each of the copies of “RadioPaper” contains a series of abstract artworks by Ramsden, and perhaps more surprisingly, submerged within their French folds, five specially composed super-short stories by the Granta award-winning novelist Adam Thirlwell…” Read more of Aimee Farrell’s article published on December 12, 2015


See Image: A page in “RadioPaper,” a new collaborative artist’s book by the artist Mary Ramsden and the novelist Adam Thirlwell.CreditCourtesy of the artists and Studio Leigh



A few weeks ago we started working on a new project. We had to create the design of a book and think of a theme to research on.
Many of us came up with beautiful and creative ideas.
Here are some photos took in class of the different projects.

Juri’s very stylish and playful book – 5 sheets of paper with different styles and patterns to exchange the mannequin’s dress.
Juri’s book – “Le petit closet”
Sarah’s book – it has been extremely interesting to see her work in progress throughout the weeks. Her determination has over come all the struggles. This is the incredible result!
Sarah’s book on the designer Iris Apfel

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Earlier this month, I attended the FIT School of Art and Design Designers & Books Fair, which featured over 70 book publishers, book signings, and programs related to a variety of design disciplines: architecture, experience design, fashion, graphic design, interior design, landscape architecture, product and industrial design, and urban design.

In addition to tables set up with publishers, there was programming that spanned the weekend, including speakers such as Milton Glaser, Steven Heller, Irma Boom, Peter Bohlin, Juliet Kinchin, Philip Pearlman, and Gary Hustwit.

One of my favorite pieces was a book about Paul Bunyan which was created using wood block prints.


Another cool piece was a book about air streams—which had a metal cover mimicking the iconic trailer material. The airstream sleeve was, in part, inspiration for my photo essay book project; I plan to create a small LP cover sleeve for my book.


A highlight was checking out a book about the style of David Bowie — signed by Ziggy Stardust himself! Unfortunately, the book was going for $3,500, so it has not been added to my library.


I did splurge on one purchase, Michael Beirut’s How to: Use graphic design to sell things, explain things, make things look better, and (every once in a while) change the world.  In addition to being a gorgeous design book the captions and text copy is so clever that I could not turn it down.


Unlike the PS1 art book fair, the FIT fair was quiet due to the weather and it was easy to get a good look at everything and manhandle publishers’ products. I would definitely recommend it for any future Process and Skills students!

The Center for Book Arts: Then & Now

” Book Arts. Art of the Book. Artist’s Books. Printmaking. Book Binding. Paper Arts. These are just a few of the terms that come into play in the subject at hand, and one of the reasons that [I’ll stick with] Book Arts is, perhaps the ultimate interdisciplinary art of our time.” – Peggy Roalf

The Center for Book Arts, located in New York City’s Flatiron District, is a leader in the field, and the first not-for-profit center of its kind in the country. Founded in 1974, it has become a model for other such organizations that have since proliferated from coast to coast.  In celebrating its 40th anniversary, CBA has produced a series of exhibitions that reveal the many faces of Book Arts, from printing and binding; writing; collecting; and conservation. The current show, Then & Now: Ten Years of Residencies at the Center for Book Arts, organized by Executive Director and Curator Alexander Campos, offers a microcosmic view of the possibilities that artists explore using paper [but not always]; printing [but not always]; binding [but not always]; stitching [often]; architecture [sometimes]; performance, music and video [more often than you might think]; and imagination [always]. – from DART | Design Arts Daily


Exhibition area displaying many different creative approaches to the art of the book.
Exhibition areas displaying many different creative approaches to the art of the book.
Jessica Lagunas | Wave Hilll’s Books of Leaves
Jessica Lagunas | Wave Hilll’s Books of Leaves
Sara Parkel | Baggage
Sara Parkel | Baggage
Elysa Voshell | Space Between You & Me
Elysa Voshell | Space Between You & Me

More information for the exhibition Then & Now and two companion exhibitions:

Then & Now: Ten Years of Residencies at the Center for Book Arts, and

Featured Artist Projects: 2014 Workspace Artist-in-Residence and Linda Carreiro: Inside Out of Words, continue through June 27 at The Center for Book Arts, 28 West 27th Street, Third Floor, NY, NY.

The exhibition Then & Now will travel, opening at the Castle Gallery at The College of New Rochelle, on September 8. An exhibition catalogue is in production. Workshops and Certificate Program classes continue. 


My Obsession. Books!

NO,not the latest from romantic queen of suspense, Nora Roberts or hot new memoir from the “it” celebrity.

Books on design,typography,photography,printmaking,pottery,illustration,sculpture,architecture…STOP!

I promise to stop walking into every,YES every, bookstore I pass.

I promise to stop reporting on the latest book review about the subjects I love.

WAIT! I saw a review in The New York Times so I want to share ONE MORE book find before I cross my heart to these promises.

The Ladies of Letterpress. This new book features the best work of the members of Ladies of Letterpress, an international organization that champions the work of women printers. And,it is a wonderful printing resourse.

This is what Amazon has to say about this $40 gallery of prints: “Valuable as a handy resource, it includes a wide range of pieces, from greeting cards to broadsides and posters, printed in a variety of type and illustration styles. Each piece is accompanied by details of paper, inks, and press used in its printing, and a profile of its printer. Whether you’re drawn to elegant greeting cards, humorous note cards, or calendars and posters, you’re sure to find inspiration in this volume. And when you do, there are eighty detachable pages just begging to be pinned up.”

For more info on this book and letterpress here are a few links from The New York Times and others: http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/04/21/graduation-present-ladies-of-letterpress/?ref=design



Book Info:
The Ladies of Letterpress
A Gallery of Prints with 80 Removable Posters
Jessica White, Kseniya Thomas
ISBN 9781616892739
Publication date 04/21/2015
11 x 14 inches (27.9 x 35.6 cm), Paperback
192 pages, 350 color illustrations
Missive’s “Flamingo” by LisaWillis
Concrete Lace’s
Concrete Lace’s “Eating Seasonally” print by Katie Daniels
Joey Hannaford’s
Joey Hannaford’s “Converge II” by Joey Hannaford

Street Art Poster Essay & Street Book

The first part of the project was a photo essay.   We had to shoot a minimum of 75 photos and then narrow it down 12 photos and post it on a 15×20 illustration board.  The photos had to be printed and not altered.  My subject was street art in NYC.  I’ve always been fascinated and passionate about and NYC is the perfect place for that.  I think that street art is one of the most beautiful things about NY and also very misunderstood.  Even when I’m in a rush if I come across murals I will stop and stare.  This was a really interesting and exciting project to work on because it was very inspiring and fun.  So it didn’t seem like work, more like an adventure.  It was really exciting to find new pieces.  The photo essay was incredibly inspiring that I decided to carry it onto my next project where we had to make a book.


From this essay I began working on my Street Art book.  The book had to be non-adhesive and 16 pages. I wanted to make a book inspired by the beautiful street art that  lives in our backyard.  Banksy said “People become cops to make the world a better place.  People become vandals to make the world a better looking place.”  This was a powerful quote that really aims at the misconceptions about street art.  I wanted to make a book that showed the beauty of street art, the beautiful colors, patterns and illustrations.  I started looking up different types of folded books and photo collages.   I decided to draw NYC city and then use the photos I had taken and clip them behind the buildings to build a colorful bright city with street art from all over the city.  Imagine a world with color. Because of this concept I decided to  go with an accordion fold where the book would open to a landscape of NYC.


After all my research I had to go digital to create the city illustration and edit the photos.  I made several rounds of mockups. One issue that I came across in the beginning was that each image was gigantic and I had about 15 images and (I needed a total of 25-30 images) my file was already 3 gigabytes! (Yikes). Then I had to start over but luckily it was early in enough that I didn’t really panic.  Another issue I came across was how to make the images look cohesive with all these different patterns and colors.


Some images that I really loved had to be take out because it didn’t go with the color palette.  I was a little bummed but I’m sure I’ll be able to use the images for other projects.  For the back pages  I included the actual images of the street art so whoever bought the book can put have a souvenir of the actual art piece.  After the  mockups and various versions it was time to fine tune the placement of each image which was incredibly gruesome but all worth it in the end and narrowing the images used.

And now the Final Piece!


And folded (Front) & (Back)




I was happy with the way the piece turned out.  Even though the city was made up of so many different images it somehow remained cohesive and powerful.  The entire process was a great adventure and only fueled the fire for my love of street art.

Art Book Project – Danning Tang

照片 2 照片 3 照片 4 照片 5

Hey Everyone,

This is my project for Art Book. My concept is using a box to represent my dreams. I had a lot of weird dreams and I started to paint them since last year. Thanks to this opportunity, I found a way to present them to others. The box is made of metallic paper so that when you close it, it reflect the reality, but when you open it, you could take a peek at my dream world. I chose the dreams connected to animals, the earliest one was as far as half a year ago, so I didn’t remember exactly the whole story.

It was during last week, I decided to put it further by making a small animation to give it more motion. Please take a look at the youtube video here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uc9zwqmfVsc

I really appreciate this opportunity, to turn something so personal into a project, from two dimensional to a three-dimensional object and even an animation. Enjoy~