LECTURE: SHADOW ATLAS with Nora Krug & Enrico Fiammelli

Illustrator and graphic novelist Nora Krug created a lavishly made silk-screen book done in a limited edition of 400 copies. Shadow Atlas: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits was printed in three colors (yellow, blue and red) and one special color (silver).

Read more about Shadow Atlas from Steve Heller’s interview with Nora Krug (4/13) – Ghosts on A Grand Scale in Print Magazine

LECTURE INFO: Behind The Bling Lecture Series with Nora Krug & Fiammelli at FIT on March 18th – Free and Open to to the public (see poster below for details)

Behind The Bling Lecture Series with Nora Krug & Fiammelli at FIT (see poster for details)
Behind The Bling Lecture Series with Nora Krug & Fiammelli at FIT

Spotlight | Yoko Nire | AAS GD 2015 | TDC 36 Typography Competition

Yko NireWinning Entry

Congratulations to:

Yoko Nire for winning the Type Directors Clubs 36 Typography Competition in category for excellent typographic work by students.


Yoko graduated from the AAS Graphic Design Program in December 2014. Her winning entry was a response to a design assignment in History of Graphic Design course ( Jason Booher, Faculty). Subsequently it was executed during Silkscreen course (Katarzyna Gruda, Faculty).

Project name: Yokan Packaging
Yokan is a Japanese traditional sweet that comes in various flavors. My approach was inspired by the Dutch designer, Piet Zwart, whose style was modern, constructive and mechanical, but also playful. To interpret his philosophy, I played a composition game with geometric shapes and type physically on a piece of paper, resulting in an unexpected and abstractly whimsical packaging. Silk screened on Japanese paper. In addition, I made the rubber stamps for children to play with the design and make original cards.

Yokan Packaging
Silkscreen Flat Sheet
Rubber stamps for children to play
Rubber stamps for children to play

The assignment description:
The students were given a designer [all from early 20th century—Yoko’s was Piet Zwart]. After exploring the relationships in their designer’s work, they created a series of designs that responded to or was influenced by the work in some way. This could manifest in any number of ways: ads, packaging, posters, covers, etc. The designs could surround an object, product, idea. Students were required to produce three or more designs. If desired, more specific constraints were given. The intention was not to mimic a single design, but to uncover the underlying force(s) in the work.

Inspiration & Process

Editing and photography: Katarzyna Gruda


Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 2.25.47 PM

Corita Kent

Today’s Google homepage honors Corita Kent, on what would have been her 96th birthday. Kent was a nun, artist, and educator who helped pave the way to make silkscreen a true art on its own. Many of her pieces revolve around the topic of love and peace; significant motifs of the 1970s and 1980s in which her most well-known works were created. Many of her works challenge the viewer to think about consumerism and how it relates to spirituality and religion. To produce such works, Kent’s main process was the appropriation and modification of already existing images and logos, transforming them in some manner to suit the particular message she wanted to convey. An example of her works are shown below.

Google Doodle for November 20, 2014

Google Doodle

mary does laugh (1964)

mary does laugh

enriched bread (1965)

Enriched Bread

questions and answers (1966)


stop the bombing (1967)

Stop the bombing

While the exhibit is now over, Kent’s work was showcased at the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland in an exhibit titled Someday is Now: The Art of Corita Kent. Some of her work is still featured on their website under past exhibitions, and can be viewed here.